We built SensorCloud so that our customers would have a single place to store their data and access it quickly and efficiently. Below are just a few of the ways that customers utilized SensorCloud to find the solutions they needed.

Unmanned Helicopter

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Immediate data feedback allowed flight engineers to make critical adjustments shortly after each test, enabling multiple tests per day. Previous test programs required week-long delays between flights for data analysis.

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Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture on Any Scale

Using real-time soil and climate monitoring allowed agricultural enterprises to better understand plant response to ever-changing environmental conditions, and react accordingly. The result was improved yields, better application of nutrients and water, and consistent quality to the consumers.

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Machine Health

Safer and Smarter Mining

Equipment health monitoring and analysis enabled predictive maintenance, reduced downtime, and revealed design improvement opportunities. Remote sensing and data collection saved labor, time, and improved safety.

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Oil and Gas

Machine Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Industry

Use of the SensorCloud platform allowed operators to characterize machine fatigue, perform predictive analysis, improve system design, and setup monitoring of real-time operating conditions.

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OEM Advantage

Using real-time performance monitoring to understand in-service product durability and provide customers with value-added predictive maintenance sets OEMs apart from the competition. Custom branded OEM versions of the SensorCloud platform can be integrated into OEM products, embedded into OEM websites, and accessed from around the globe.

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Machine Health Monitoring

Good Vibrations for Machine Health Monitoring

Using real-time monitoring to understand in-service machine vibrations kept machines running; allowing predictive instead of reactive maintenance, as well as historical trend analysis and comparisons between machines and operating environments.

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