SensorCloud Documentation

What is SensorCloud?

SensorCloud is a unique sensor data storage, visualization and remote management platform that leverages powerful Cloud computing technologies to provide excellent data scalability, rapid visualization, and user programmable analysis. SensorCloud's core features include FastGraph, MathEngine®, LiveConnect, and the OpenData API.

LORD MicroStrain's Wireless and Inertial sensors allow instant uploading of their data to SensorCloud. Third party devices and other data sources can also push data to SensorCloud via the OpenData API or via the provided CSV uploader. Once uploaded, your data is securely stored in the Cloud and can be accessed from anywhere, or downloaded for offline use.

Alerts are provided to help notify you of real-time events in your data. MathEngine analytics allow you to perform both simple and complex mathematical operations on your data, all in the Cloud.

More information on how to use SensorCloud can be found on the Getting Started page.
You can also read the SensorCloud Overview[pdf].

SDK and Open Data API

SensorCloud provides a RESTful API that allows any device or application to upload data to SensorCloud. The API is implemented as a web service using standard HTTP request commands.
An SDK is also provided which contains libraries and example code for Python, Java, C#.

SensorCloud VI's are provided as well to allow your LabVIEW applications to communicate with SensorCloud.
View the LabVIEW documentation for more information.

Access the API and download our SDK from our GitHub.


All data and transactions occur over Transport Layer Security (TLS). SensorCloud is currently built on top of Amazon Web Services, which provides a world-class secure and trusted platform.

Data stored on SensorCloud is the sole property of the SensorCloud customer. All SensorCloud Data is private by default, but can be shared with other users that you authorize. Full responsibilities for data ownership, accessibility and access control are outlined in the Services Agreement[pdf].


The SensorCloud Alerts feature allows you to create custom email and SMS text message alerts for monitoring data exceedances and events of interest.

Flexible and powerful syntax gives you the ability to customize the alert messages as you wish, adding embeddable event data parameters. Alerts can be triggered on sensor channel exceedances, as well as inactivity. Multiple alert recipients can be added to coordinate a team event response.


LORD MicroStrain provides a WSDA® gateway which collects data from MicroStrain sensors and pushes it to SensorCloud directly. LiveConnect allows you to interact with this WSDA gateway and corresponding sensors from anywhere in the world. Configure sensor network settings, start sampling, and view real-time data - all remotely.

LiveConnect works by establishing a virtual serial communications port between your WSDA gateway and your local PC, regardless of where your WSDA is located. This virtual serial port can then be used by local desktop applications, including MicroStrain's Node Commander®, or from your own developed software applications.

View the WSDA Quick Start Guide[pdf] for more information.